“Karen’s provision of competency training materials is excellent and the service is efficient, delivering exactly what’s required. Karen can always be relied upon for confirming the latest updates to rules, guidance and best practice. She is extremely knowledgeable on any compliance-based issue that you put to her and she is willing and able to provide solutions to unusual and / or uncommon compliance related client situations.”


Julie Ampadu – Compliance and Business Consultant (Manchester)

“As a sole trader compliance consultant it can be difficult not having someone to discuss issues with, get their opinion on an issue or check understanding if you are unsure of a point. I used to spend many an hour trawling through the FSA website to try to find answers on those more unusual questions but I have now found an alternative. Karen Malin now provides me with an invaluable service where I can send a text or leave a message with my question and she will either come back with an answer or point me in the right direction to a helpful website or document that answers it. This saves an incredible amount of time and I have found that Karen always seems to have come across a similar problem in the past and invariably knows the answer. Her service certainly makes my business more effective and helps to expand my knowledge and I would not hesitate to recommend this to other compliance consultants or people responsible for compliance in their firm.”


Martin Fawcett – Compliance Consultant (North Yorkshire)

“Thank you for your help – I’m pretty certain it would have been a much more time-consuming exercise if we hadn’t got you to advise us, and I will definitely be recommending your services to anyone who wishes to deal with a proper Compliance Support Consultant!”


IFA (Leeds)

“I must say that I find many consultants deliver very little for their daily rate and are not worth the money they charge. Until now. For once I feel that I have received fantastic value for money and well worth the investment….it was quite painless.”


Comercial Broker (West Yorkshire)

“This report is fantastic; it is exactly what we needed!”


IFA (Yorkshire)

“Dear Karen For over 2 years, i spoke to many insiders in the UK mortgage business, solicitors and even the FSA direct to get clarity on several issues with regards my business. Suffice to say, no-one could provide a clear answer on anything i was requiring clarity on. Several colleagues of mine were dealing with a major law firm in Manchester on a related issue. They offered to process a CCL on their behalf for over several thousand pounds. Upon further digging, it was discovered they were outsourcing this process to another company and marking up their services by over 500%. My colleagues found you from a recommendation with in the business and they were extremely satisfied with service, price and results. I rarely write these notes of appreciation because i genuinely believe service is a rare bonus when dealing with ‘service businesses in the UK’, however I am long overdue in writing this note of appreciation and thanks. You provide an absolutely vital service and I thank-you for the support and common sense support you have given on compliance related issues. Your new clients will probably not appreciate me saying this and I probably won’t with my next bill, but basically your services could be charged at double what you currently are and it would still be a grade A service you offer. Many thanks Stuart Marshall.”


Stuart Marshall – Liquid ExPat Mortgages

“Hi Karen,
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your help with GDPR.  I have been tasked with the bulk of the work around this and your information and updates have been invaluable.
Thank you so much – I wouldn’t have known where to start without your help.”


IFA (Essex)